Motorola Droid Bionic To Get Lapdock Accessory, Possibly More

Just when you thought the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Droid Bionic were two very different devices separated by the Motorola Atrix’s exclusive line of docking accessories like the Lapdock accessory, Motorola Mobility CEO Sajay Jha has said the Droid Bionic will receive the Lapdock accessory.

The Droid Bionic was one of the four signature/flagship 4G/LTE devices introduced by Verizon Wireless at a press conference at CES.  The Bionic is running the same Tegra 2 processor that is featured in the Motorola Atrix 4G.  Although when we played with it at the Motorola event we thought it was a bit laggy, we are confident that was because it was a pre-releae version.

We had heard rumblings that the lapdock wasn’t going to be exclusive to the Atrix in Barcelona at MWC. We also heard about another accessory that we’ll get to later.

Jha eluded to the fact that the Bionic might not be the only Motorola device that gets the lapdock accessory. In fact it may be retrofitted to support phones like the Motorola Droid X.

Motorola still has a few tricks up their sleeve for 2011 including the follow up to the Motorola Droid X and something on the horizon for Sprint.

One thing is for sure, to sell more Lapdocks hopefully Verizon will do something about the pricing. As we reported yesterday after factoring in the required data plan on AT&T you’re looking at an $800 keyboard and display accessory.

As Android Police points out, the great thing about this news is that the Lapdock won’t die with the Atrix 4G and hopefully Motorola will continue to work on the hardware and the software that support it.

Source: Droid Life

4 Replies to “Motorola Droid Bionic To Get Lapdock Accessory, Possibly More”

  1. I just purchased the Lapdock and the Bionic. $600 total.
    So far it is exactly what I was looking for.

  2. Since the bionic is offering their lapdock after the release date, I have to assume there is no package saving involved, so what will the price of the bionic lapdock be?

  3. I especially love the idea of a lap dock for the bionic, but will the pricing be reasonable. I run two businesses from my old droid and the lap dock is exciting; however, I don’t want to be robbed. I hope the price isn’t figured on the gimmicky edge.

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