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More Than 25% Of Motorola’s 2010 Sales Came From Verizon

Motorola just recently announced more complete figures for 2010 which showed why Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha seemed a little concerned about the then forthcoming iPhone 4 on Verizon when speaking at the Credit Suisse technology conference last year.

In these new figures it shows that Verizon Wireless accounted for 28% of Motorola’s net revenue during 2010. Motorola came on strong with their original Droid still one of the top selling Android phones in the US. Motorola added the Droid Pro, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global and even the Devour to Verizon’s Android offerings.

Motorola also has the Motorola Xoom tablet debuting on Verizon exclusively later this month as well as the Droid Bionic which we should see sometime in the spring. They also have premium devices coming this year to other carriers like the Motorola Atrix on AT&T.

Jha told that Credit Suisse conference that the climate was changing at Verizon. Motorola reported with these figures “It may be difficult to replace or find new large customers, especially with increasing concentration in the U.S. where there are a limited number of carriers,”

Jha seemed more confident than he has in recent weeks at MWC when talking about the Xoom, Atrix and Motorola Mobility in general.

The iPhone debut on Verizon has come and gone and day one sales were dismal compared to what they were expecting.  Apple stores and Verizon stores across the country had staffed up expecting 100s at most locations but what they saw were a handful of early adopters for the iPhone 4 on Verizon.

Although we can’t tell the future with Motorola’s stable of products increasing they may loose some of that percentage next year just to gain it across other carriers.

Source: PC Magazine

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