Mobily Brings Sonograms To Mobile Phones

Over the years more and more hospitals have become very good at bringing the nursery to the mobile phone and email.   Android writer Cameron Wright, and his fiance just had a baby. As any proud father would, he’s been all over the internet blogging, uploading photos, videos and more.  The post we saw on Cameron’s personal blog that we felt was the most intriguing was an email from their son Hunter from his bed in the NICU.  It had all of his vital signs, feeding information and other important info that any mother or father could need.

Well imagine getting connected to your child by way of mobile phone before their even born. That’s what Great Connection and Mobily unveiled today at Showstoppers at MWC.  Mobile Baby is a new service by Great Connection for Mobily network members that enables ultrasound stills, 3d images and video to be sent to the subscribers mobile phone directly from the ultrasound machine.

Software partner Great Connection teamed up with Mobily to bring this service to their first subscribers in Saudi Arabia and they plan on making it available in more countries soon along with more innovative software solutions in the m-health space, or mobile health.

“Approximately 153 billion ultrasound images are taken every year worldwide, and many of
these parents-to-be want to share the pictures and video with loved ones,” said Åsa Nordgren,
CEO, Great Connection Inc. “Sometimes, there are complications that require a second opinion
from a specialist. With Mobile Baby, these sonograms can be received anywhere in the world
within seconds, whether by family and friends or medical practitioners. We intend the application
to promote better pre-natal care to even the most remote areas, and we are proud to be
pioneering this area of wireless health with Mobily in Saudi Arabia. By the end of the year, we
plan to make Mobile Baby available in many more countries, as well as introduce more m-health
innovation from our company.”

Mobily and Great Connection have teamed up with Qualcomm which is working on creating a whole eco-system of m-health companies to deliver diagnostic and monitoring information wirelessly.

Source: Great Connection/Mobily

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