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Intel CEO To Nokia: I Would Have Gone Android

One of the most influential in the tech community is Intel CEO Paul Otellini.  Otellini and Intel were left out in the cold by Nokia with their decision to switch smartphone platforms to Windows Phone 7.  Intel was partners with Nokia in the Meego platform which was created when Maemo and Moblin merged. Intel will be forced to either develop Meego on their own or give up the project all together.

Although Otellini knew a switch for Nokia’s failing smartphone unit was inevitable he was very vocal in saying that he feels Nokia made the wrong situation.  According to Otellini Nokia’s decision to go with Microsoft was only driven by dollar signs. It’s been reported the deal was work billions. Otellini said Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer, Stephen Elop, received “incredible offers…money” to go with the Windows Phone 7 OS.

Source: Mr. Android at Fortune Magazine, Seth Weintraub

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  1. But if the OS becomes successful, other manufacturers will jump on board with greater efforts than at present, leaving Nokia competing in the same way that Android manufacturers compete at the moment.

    But actual success of WP is unlikely; Windows Phone does not have features that Windows Mobile, Android, MeeGo and Symbian always had taken for granted, such as a real file manager and multitasking.

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