If Android Wasn’t Around? What Phone/OS Would You Have?

I know, I know…it’s a scary thought. But what if there was no Android? What if Google never bought the start-up company called Android? YES! Google didn’t create Android like many think, but that’s not what this piece is about. This is about what kind of Phone/Operating System would you be using? Let us know below in the comments

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  2. No saying you’d create Android either 😉
  3. Have fun with this 🙂
  4. And tell us which phone/OS and why

I know me personally I would choice the iPhone. Great games, Great battery, Great development (yes it actually has its just “underground” like the Android developers are) and a great paper weight. Okay, so the last one is sort of a joke. But now you know mine lets her yours 🙂

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  1. Even though I’m an Android head now, I still say that webOS is the best mobile OS out there. Palm/HP’s problems were hardware related. The Pre was nice because webOS was awsome, not because the hardware was great by any stretch of the imagination. Will I convert after seeing what goodness they have Feb 9th??? MAYBE! In the end it’s all about the apps. If they do MUCH more to attract developers (like myself) I’ll switch once the quality and variety of apps reach about the half way point of Android/iOS.

  2. BlackBerry. It’s what I used before switching. I’m very comfortable with that platform and could easily switch back. There are even things I miss about BlackBerry like the Facebook app that actually delivered push notifications and the autotext.

  3. iOS, it’s a very close second to Android! However, I’m very interested in the new WebOS coming this month….so it might be that over iOS 😀

  4. Android is the only OS that is able to face to iOS, it is even better! So if Android wasn’t here i’d take an iPhone ( maybe 4)

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