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HTC Thunderbolt Rooted <-- That Really Didn't Take Long

We’ve reported a lot on XDA, and cyanogen mod. The rooting community is part of the Android ecosystem. Typically the headline comes with a “That didn’t take long” as sometimes it’s only taken a few hours of a device to be commercially available, like the Nexus S was rooted before the end of the first day.  Yesterday it was reported on XDA that the HTC Thunderbolt had been rooted.

As you know XDA is a collective group and community that takes their work very seriously all the while helping each other get the latest devices rooted and the latest mods and kernels developed.  The thread on XDA was posted by user “jcase” who clearly credited Jamzelle, TheEndGame7, koush and andrew8806

They used a pre-release version of the device the HTC Mecha however they seem confident the same method will apply and don’t even go looking for the method yet as it won’t be released until it’s verified on an actual production model.

Source: XDA
Image: Android Police

TDG Note on XDA, TD and Other Developer sites.
Developers are a great asset to the Android ecosystem. The developers at TD, XDA and others are working hard to bring you the best possible ROMs and Mods for your Android device. As such please follow their rules for newbies if you have never visited their site and please for the love of god don’t every ask for a timeline.  XDA requires that you post 10 posts and become an active member of the community before joining the discussion on the development board.

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