HTC Preparing Facebook Phones For Release Tomorrow At MWC?

Pocketnow is reporting that HTC is preparing to unveil not 1 but 2 Facebook branded phones tomorrow at MWC.  If these pictures from pocketnow are genuine (which with pocketnow they usually are) then we will see a touch-screen and a qwerty style Facebook phone tomorrow.

Facebook has repeatedly denied working on a Facebook branded phone. We aren’t clear yet on whether these will be called “Facebook Phones” or not. We do know that they will be running Android underneath what other Facebook features they have.

More including picture of the QWERTY Facebook phone after the break

If you notice in the Sense clock widget on the touchscreen picture you say a facebook status below the time.  Both phones also feature a direct to Facebook button.  According to Thedroidguy HTC has been pretty quiet on site compared to LG, Samsung and Sony but tomorrow is supposed to be their big day.

Thedroidguy received word that HTC’s VIP Press room is closed for a special function from 9:00am-10:30am Barcelona time (1:00am-2:30am eastern time) and than after that they will be showcasing key new products.

There have been a few other sneak photos that have leaked prior to MWC that we are on the lookout for as well.

Source: Pocketnow

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