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HTC Incredible S On Sale Today In UK, HTC Thunderbolt In US Still MIA

The HTC Droid Incredible was a huge success and is still going strong in the US on Verizon Wireless.  The follow up to the Droid Incredible, called the HTC Incredible S was introduced by Peter Chou at an HTC event we attended at MWC which was held the week of February 13th.

The HTC Thunderbolt on the other hand, introduced 6 weeks earlier at CES here in the US is still MIA. The latest rumor is that it will arrive March 3rd or 4th.

This time around the HTC Incredible S has decent specs but a far cry from the incredible devices some of the other manufacturers are putting out. It features a 4.1″ screen, 5mp camera, 1.3mp camera in the front, and Android 2.2 (with a promise from HTC to bring Gingerbread quickly).

In the demonstration at MWC the capacitive buttons rotated from portrait to landscape however from what we recall Sense still doesn’t.

If you haven’t owned an HTC Droid Incredible or something comparable and your in the UK you may want to consider this phone. Hopefully by the time it comes ashore on US Soil it will be rocking Gingerbread and have a few other choice refinements.

source: Pocket-Lint

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