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HTC Flyer Officially Announced at #MWC11

During this mornings HTC Press conference we learned about the HTC Desire S, The HTC Wildfire S, The HTC Incredible S, The HTC Cha-Cha and The HTC Salsa. Those were their phone announcements. Impressive!

Then at the end of the presentation Peter Chou announced the HTC Flyer officially.

The HTC Flyer is the first tablet that HTC is bringing to market. According to the video we watched during the presentation they wanted to start from scratch. They didn’t scale up their HTC Sense experience they re-designed it specifically for tablets from scratch.

The HTC Flyer is a 7″ lightweight tablet that will fit right in your pocket. It comes with a stylus which you can use to navigate through the tablet experience and use HTC Scribe technology for marking things and taking notes. In a demo at the event they showed how you can write a note and record audio simultaneously so when you reference the note later you can hear an audio recording of what was happening when you took that note.¬† That technology is being billed as “HTC Time Warp”.

More on the HTC Flyer and pics after the break

The newly designed HTC Sense for tablets features a 3d interface that is in the middle of the screen and brings the experience of the entire device to the end user. The HTC Flyer features both flash 10.1 and HTML5.

HTC also includes a new video service called HTC Watch in the HTC Flyer tablet which allows access to an HD downloadable library. The Qualcomm Snap Dragon chipset at 1.5ghz gives an awesome graphic experience.

HTC rounds out the HTC Flyer with On Live gaming experience which keeps premium games in the cloud allowing the users access to premium games on their HTC Flyer. On Live allows the user to stream the game to their television via broadband or play the game directly on the HTC Flyer. Lego Batman, NBA 2K11 and Assassin’s Creed II are just some of the titles available at launch.

The HTC Flyer battery is 4000mah and is said to have up to 1470 hours of standby time.

There was no mention of the Android version during the press conference however 2.4 Gingerbread is presumed to be the rollout version with a speedy update to Honeycomb. This is also what was reported early on.

The HTC Flyer will feature HSPA+ which means in the US we could see it on AT&T or T-Mobile. It’s also been reported that it will NOT support voice calling. They are expecting a Q2 release and haven’t announced pricing.

The HTC Flyer looks beautiful and seems to have a lot of rich user minded functionality which will definitely make it a strong contender in the tablet space.

In case you were sleeping during the press conference here is our archived live blog coverage


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