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HTC Desire, HD, Z And Incredible S To Recieve Gingerbread in Q2

Slashgear is reporting that HTC has confirmed to them that a handful of European HTC Android devices will see an update to Android 2.3, Gingerbread beginning in the spring.

The HTC Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z and the just released Incredible S are expected to get Gingerbread sometime in Q2.  A handful of regional US carriers, including Cellular South, carry the original HTC Desire. It’s unclear if the update will come to these versions however we don’t see why it won’t.

The HTC Desire Z and the T-Mobile G2 are virtually the same device and it’s also unclear if the T-Mobile G2 will see the Gingerbread update at the same time, again we don’t see why not. And along the same lines, the newly released HTC Inspire 4G is virtually the same as the Desire HD, it’s even labeled Desire HD in the Android Market settings (if you own one) and again it’s unclear if the HTC Inspire 4G will receive the updae at the same time. Except for the fact that the HTC Inspire 4G features an HSPA+ radio we don’t see any reason that the Inspire 4G won’t see the update at the same time either.

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HTC is taking an aggressive approach to updating. The HTC Evo 4G received Froyo in a timely manner and the HTC Nexus One is receiving Gingerbread right now.  Pocketnow is also reporting that the HTC Desire HD is due to be replaced this year by the forthcoming device codenamed HTC Pyramid.

Source: Pocketnow and Slashgear

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