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How’s This For Green: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Phone Charger By PowerTrekk Launched At #MWC11

We are huge fans of ways to charge our smartphones and other devices while on the go and not close to a vehicle or a power outlet. There are a lot of back up batteries out there now. Some are awesome, while others don’t do half of what they say they will do.

Most of the back up chargers either require some kind of charge themselves by way of cigarette lighter or power outlet. Others require solar power and take hours to build up a charge.  We did see an induction charger at CES that works by shaking.

See how it works after the break

The Power Trekk fuel cell charger, chargers your usb powered device by way of hydrogen powered fuel cell.  To make it simpler, water and a fuel pack.  The patented system is the brainchild of Swedish fuel cell developer myFC.  myFC specializes in designing fuel cells for portable electronics and the Power Trekk is the first commercial charger using myFC technology.

The chemistry process is safe and eco-friendly and the only by-product from the Power Trekk charger is a little water vapor. The output of the PowerTrekk fuel cell charger is the equivalent of a 1600mah back up battery charger.

A spokesperson for myFC confirmed to Thedroidguy at MWC that the PowerTrekk will retail for around $200 USD however the pucks or fuel cells will go for about $1.30 a piece US. That’s less than the cost of a 9v battery for a full, eco friendly charge while traveling.

We know they use an iPhone in the video but it is 100% compatible with Android in fact the green matches!

Source: MWC/Powertrekk


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