Handango Evolves From Palm & Handspring to White Label App Store, Appia

In the current smartphone space, no company has been around as consistently and long lived as Handango. Started as an app store on the internet to sideload palm based apps to your Palm or Handspring device, it’s now grown and evolved again as the largest Open App Marketplace. With this new evolution comes another new name.

Handango actually hasn’t been handango for a while, it was pocketgear until this most recent relaunch.  Last August we reported that Pocketgear received another round of investing led by Eric Schmidt’s Tomorrow Ventures, Trident Capital, and the Blacbkerry Fund.

Appia boasts over 140,000 app titles in their catalog. Although this may seem small when compared with Apples 400,000 or so apps and The Android Markets 200,000 or so apps, we had heard from an anonymous source that pocketgear was just indexing other sites to add to the number of apps they have.  Appia’s VP of Marketing Dov Cohn gave Thedroidguy the following explanation

“Handango and PocketGear, the companies that formed Appia, have been in business for over 10 years and have been partnering with application developers and aggregating content for far longer than either GetJar and Android Market. In fact, there’s a good chance that there are free applications in other catalogs that have been downloaded/scraped/indexed from the Handango and PocketGear catalogs, as our catalog has been publicly available for longer than other app stores.”

He went on to say:

“And last, the majority of applications in our catalog today are paid applications on platforms other than Android.”

Appia’s long term commitment to the application space has proven fruitful over the years, especially when attracting such major name investors. Although Eric Schmidt will be moving to the Executive Chairman position of Google in April, he has been an investor in Appia/Pocketgear/Handango for quite some time now.  What is attracting these investors?

It’s not just the multi-platform open market to end users it’s also the white label app market component whereas 3 of the top 10 wireless carriers actually use, Appia for their own app stores. Cohn said “our ability to launch white label, integrated storefronts for our carrier partners, not just link aways.”

It seems that Appia knows what they are doing as they clock 500,000 downloads a day from their catalog of 140,000 apps across their partner channels. They expect that number to double in the next year.

Source: Appia

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