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Googler’s Strike Back At Nokia Via Twitter, But Now Tim Bray Is Back Pedaling

Tomorrow Stephen Elop the Microsoft implant now running Finland’s Nokia will speak to investors about the companies plans for 2011 and how they plan to rebuild.

A highly publicized email that Elop wrote to employees basically acknowledged that both Apple and Android were killing them. He used a metaphor of a captain having to jump from his burning oil rig or die on board. Nokia is going down in  flames and it has to stop.

Analysts and tech journalists alike are predicting a string of executive changes and Nokia having to use either Microsoft Windows Phone 7 or Android in some of their new devices or loose money on both hardware sales and OS.

Nokia co-partnered with the Symbian Foundation to encourage developer growth of the OS however over the summer the Symbian Foundation closed it’s doors and put all the responsibility of development and release back on Nokia.

Over the last day or so some of Google’s most socially influential, Vic Gundotra and and Tim Bray have been teasing Nokia via their personal twitter feeds. This could be a reaction to outgoing Nokia executive Anssi Vanjoki saying “Nokia using Android would be like Finnish boys who pee in their pants for warmth”

Yesterday Gundotra tweeted

“two turkeys don’t equal an eagle”

in regards to the rumors that Nokia may partner with Microsoft.  Today Tim Bray tweeted directly to Elop

Poor Mr. Elop. Has to make the big tech call not ever having written a line of mobile code or done system bring-up work.

We’re not sure if there are any more tweets coming but it should be interesting leading up to tomorrow’s Nokia announcements.

It just got a little more interesting as Tim Bray is currently back pedaling probably getting some flack from Google.

Source: Fortune

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