Google Sets Up Email Address For Tips About Missing Marketing Manager

A week has gone by since anyone has heard from Wael Ghonim, Marketing Manager for the Middle East and North Africa.  Ghonim, based in Dubai and Cairo was reportedly in Cairo last week as intense riots and protesting heated up over the current Egyptian regime.

You may have read reports that said Egyptian officials had cut off broadband internet in hopes to cripple communication.  Google has teamed up with Twitter to help people in that region communicate with friends, families and loved ones.  During the midst of this joint effort one of their own went missing.

Ghonim was described in many reports as “not very political” however thousands of young adults in Cairo have gotten involved in these efforts.  At one point before going radio silent, Ghonim had tweeted that he was taking a rest at his home and safe but was heading back out to the protests later in the day.

Google has asked that anyone with information on Ghonim’s whereabouts please call the Google office in the UK at +44 20 7031 3008.  They have also created an email address:

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