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Google Employees To Receive Motorola Xooms?

Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha spoke at the Morgan Stanley technology conference today and spoke a lot about Android, of course.  We reported earlier in the day that he said the Droid Bionic, among other Motorola high end smartphones, will receive their Lapdock webtop accessory. When the conversation turned to the Motorola Xoom and enterprise we may have learned something else.

So far, since it was the first one out of the gate, the iPad has been a favorite among enterprise, Motorola Mobility is hoping to change that. When Jha was asked why those enterprises are choosing to go with an Android tablet rather than an iPad, Jha replied “One of them is Google so I understand why that is”

One of the biggest drawbacks to Android tablets in the enterprise space has been security. Motorola’s recent acquisition of 3LM will help change that. Security, enterprise and Android also got good news today from a new company called Enterproid, who released a software called Divide which will allow Android users to have a protected, enterprise profile that doesn’t share data from the personal one they use day to day.

On the Motorola Xoom and 3LM Jha said “Security is important. We have a level of security that CIOs need and with 3LM we feel pretty good we can deliver that,”

It’s not clear how many Googlers received Motorola Xoom tablets but Google isn’t shy when it comes to sharing their technology. The Nexus One was gifted to many Googlers pre-release.

Source: PC World

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