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Girl’s Don’t Hold Back, Echoing The Tech Community Thoughts On Kyocera Echo

After the Sprint magic show last night we went for some night caps with some industry colleagues.  We all sat around the table and looked at the viewer comments for both Android Central and Laptop Magazine’s respective videos of the new Kyocera Echo on Sprint, the nations third largest wireless carrier.

Across most message boards, Youtube videos, comment sections and twitter the sentiment is just about the same, it’s a cool idea but the specs make it too low quality for even last year.  This device is lacking a 4G radio, a front facing camera, the latest version of Android and the ability to update to it. There is a black bar in between the screens even when in joined mode so that’s going to become bothersome while watching movies.  Some feel that the processor speed won’t be able to keep up and have already witnessed lag in some videos.

Our initial thoughts were a bit of a disappointment considering the hype that was brought into this event. Even more disappointment came when we found out the specs and release date.

We met up with Lydia Leavitt from and asked her what her thoughts were.  You gotta see it…


Some of the comments o

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