Gadget Spotlight: ZOMM Bluetooth Keychain

The ZOMM is marketed as a wireless lease for your phone, but it can do SO much more than that. It was invented by a mom, hence the name ZOMM which stands for Zachry, Olivia, and Madison’s Mom. First off, this is one of my favorite gadgets so far. It is a small circular keychain or belt clip with a bluetooth alarm built in.

I have left the house so many times, started to back out of the driveway, only to realize I left my phone in the house. This great little device is an alarm so if you get more than 30 feet from your phone with your keys or it attached to you, it lets you know that you have to go back to get your phone.

It also works as a speaker phone & notifies you of incoming calls with vibration, light and an alarm. One of the most important features of this bluetooth is that it is also a safety alarm. When you press this button it sounds a panic alarm and dialing 911 if you are ever in trouble.

As a mom, this is such a great asset to have on you. There is only one problem with this device, and it is one that can’t be fixed at this time. Unfortunately we still aren’t to the point where we can pair more than one bluetooth device with our phones at a time, so if you have a headset paired and connected, the ZOMM can’t be paired and connected.

Overall this is extremely useful and very easy to setup and use. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to have it completely setup and running. I keep mine clipped inside my purse because it’s the one thing I always remember even if I forget my phone or keys in the house!

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