Gadget Spotlight: Hard Candy Stylus

I know that we all love our capacitive screens, it’s one of the many wonderful things about Android phones, the ability to use our phones without a stylus. This is great most of the time, but after having a tablet and several different phones, I love having a stylus that works with capacitive touch screens. It works with a cushion that acts like your finger with the electrical impulses and warmth that a capacitive touch screen uses.

After using this for Swype, Graffiti and several games, I don’t leave home without it. It is a stylus on one end and a real pen on the other side. It makes a mistake about 4% of the time which is great for any stylus, much less such a newer technology.

Overall this is a great accessory to have no matter what phone you have and is only $34.95 on the Hard Candy website.

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