Football Rivalry Goes Over The Top! Toomer’s Corner 24 Hour Android Web Cam App Couldn’t Prevent Vandalism At Auburn University

On your Android phone, you can see a clear camera shot of Toomer’s Corner in Auburn, AL, 24 hours a day. If you follow college football, then you may have heard what happened at the Auburn campus after the Iron Bowl this year. It was announced today that a rival team’s fan called in to a talk radio show, announcing on the weekend after the Iron Bowl, he drove to Auburn, where there are 4 webcams constantly recording 24 hours a day on this one corner and poisoned a tree that was over 130 years old.

Now I know this is definitely something that I got overly hurt about earlier today. I’m from this town, and I know that football is something we don’t normally cover on TheDroidGuy, but knowing that there is an Android app where I can view this corner from different angles and this extreme act of vandalism occurred, how did this happen in November and no one caught it?

According to the labs, these trees, that were part of collegiate tradition for over 100 years, will most likely die.

Four 24 hour webcams, yet a spiteful University of Alabama fan decided to vandalize this beautiful corner, and no one caught it. A National Historical Monument was killed while under 24 surveillance that you can even see from your Android phone.

This is a very sad day for college football, you can get the app here or in the Market. This is a serious federal offense and with all this camera footage, I’m confident that “Al from Dadeville(Alabama)” will be caught and will be prosecuted and sentenced  as strictly as possible.

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