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Facebook Button On HTC Phone?

Putting the Sony Xperia Play aside for a few minutes the next most rumored device to expect next week at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, is the Facebook phone.  INQ has released information about their upcoming Android devices which deliver a Facbeook rich experience but that’s still not a “Facebook Phone” and neither is this latest rumor.

Rumors are swirling about the interwebs today that HTC is working on a new Android device with a hard Facebook button in it’s button line up at the bottom of the device.  The picture above is a mock up from phonedog however the button would look something like that and bring up the Facebook homepage or Facebook app as soon as it is pushed.

While this may seem like a breakthrough and a great idea, and we are sure that millions will love it, it’s not by any means groundbreaking.

The button will only be as good as the update.  With the wonders of Android you already have a lot of variety and alternative ways to reach your Facebook experience.  At any rate we are expecting some kind of Facebookish phone announcement next week in Barcelona and we’ll be there to bring it right to you.

Source: Phonedog (mock up photo from phonedog as well)

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