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EXCLUSIVE: Sprint’s New Rebate Card Tells When Spring Starts And More…

Our Sprint ninjas have given us the latest Sprint rebate card hot off the presses. This new Sprint rebate card is in effect from February 27th to April 16th and actually tells us a lot.

First off the Kyocera Echo which is due for a “spring” release won’t hit until after April 16th. So according to the powers that be at Sprint spring which starts March 20th actually starts after April 16th.  We know this because it is EXTREMELY RARE that Sprint releases a device mid rebate so they don’t have to issue new cards.

Secondly the Sprint rebate card tells us that the new device being announced tomorrow won’t hit until after April 16th either, or it won’t have a Sprint mail in rebate attached.  This is a strong indicator that it may actually be a windows phone 7 device as the CDMA patch for Windows Phone 7 is set to release in March.

On that device we believe it’s either a WP7 device or a push to talk device, possibly Android, on Sprint’s network and not the IDEN/Nextel network which is being phased out. Two of our Sprint ninjas has backed this claim by saying their internal sources referenced a “button on Sprint”. That button reference could be about the upcoming HTC Facebook phones but is unlikely.

Finally the Sprint rebate card also seems to lead to the fact that no new phones will be released at retail until after April 16th

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