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Enterproid’s Divide Takes Top Spot at DEMO Competition

Founded by former executives of Morgan Stanley, MTV, and Smule, Enterproid has put out a new app for enterprise and business people using Android devices.

The app which they call Divide, is available starting today. Divide allows the user to have two totally separate profiles within their Android device, one for personal use and one for business use. The two profiles data is then stored totally separate from the other. Divide provides enhanced security, access control, remote wipe and enterprise level applications for email, web browsing, instant messages and sms.Because the profiles are kept totally separate no business content is ever compromised on the personal profile.

Divide also has a cloud based functionality for managing your Android device from the cloud. It’s currently free while in Beta but they plan on offering a subscription based model.

Divide should win over some IT departments because of the enhanced security provided by separate profiles.  More and more smartphone users are wanting to use one device for business and personal and products/apps like Divide are making this possible.

Enterproid took the top spot at today’s DEMO competition and won $150,000

Source: Techcrunch

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