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Did Your 25% Off Motorola Xoom Ship?

During this years Super Bowl the Chad OchoCinco News Network gave away 25% off coupon codes to the Motorola online store that don’t expire until March 15, 2011. The coupon code wasn’t good for phones but it was for accessories.

When the Motorola Xoom went on sale last Thursday Motorola naturally didn’t group the Xoom with phones, however since it wasn’t grouped with phones it was subject to the 25% off discount for at least a few hours. After Motorola discovered the glitch that allowed the Motorola Xoom to be purchased for $600 without a contract, they quickly put a stop to it. However they did issue a statement to Droid Life that said they would honor the coupon codes that had been redeemed up until the time they were cut off.

Motorola won’t comment on how many Xoom’s were sold at $600. Those who purchased the Xoom at that price were told their Xooms would ship on the 24th.¬† However by this morning they haven’t received tracking numbers.

Source: Phandroid

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