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Coding Green Robots: 2 Canadian Android Developers Share Their Knowledge On TV

Matthew Patience and Greg Carron, the team that makes up Mobicartel of Canada, are starting a new Android Internet TV cast aimed at Android developers of all levels.

Coding Green Robots (CGR) will be streamed every other Tuesday evening from the Yorkville Media Centre in Toronto, Canada. (46 Hayden St (Yonge/Bloor), 3rd Floor Toronto, ON, M4Y 1V8 Take the elevator to the third floor and its the room on the left.).

Hosts Patience and Carron and their company Mobicartel are the team behind popular voice activated Facebook and Twitter Android apps called Facetoc and Twitoc respectively.  In addition they’ve done custom apps for the likes of Radio Android, Android Headlines and more.

In their down to earth conversational manner both Carron and Patience will teach top notch development tutorials, provide open source code samples, discuss Android development news and feature special guests.  Prior to starting Counting Green Robots both Patience and Carron were co-hosts on the original Android Guys Thursday Night Podasts and have been hosts, cohosts and contributors to several Radio Android podcasts.

Carron tells Thedroidguy: “We’ve all watched Android experience such a hyper growth in the last few quarters and from what we see there’s been a clear interest from mobile developers to build for this platform, so what we’re trying to do with Coding Green Robots is teach as many people as we can how to develop the kind of apps that they would like to see in the Market”

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At the Yorkville Media Center in Toronto during the live broadcast Patience and Carron plan on making the show more interactive rather than just come watch live.  The other element of this is that instead of just coming to watch a very cool Android show developers young and old will learn valuable lessons about developing Android from the two hosts and their guests who have been developing since the beginning of Android.

Patience explained to Thedroidguy

“So we’re started a new kind of live podcast for our Android developer community, one with a classroom, an in-house audience as well as a live high quality stream online. Everyone can follow us along online, we’ll have a screen cast of Matt’s laptop for viewing the code and we will post everything including an archive of the video, the code we used, tutorials, online afterwards.”

In their pilot episode February 9, 2011 Carron and Patience talked about developing live wall papers, and the impact Honeycomb will have on developers. They also had special guest Macy Kuang who explained how to make settings and custom dialogs in live wallpapers.

Make sure you check out Coding Green Robots starting Tuesday February 22, 2011 here at

Or join the live studio audience

7:30-9:30PM EST
Tuesday Feb 22, 2011
Yorkville Media Centre
46 Hayden St (Yonge/Bloor), 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON, M4Y 1V8
Take the elevator to the third floor and its the room on the left

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