Clearwire Downsizing Retail Operation

We reported in November that Clearwire was going to downsize at least 15% of it’s workforce as they are running out of cash. Shortly after Clearwire did some debt financing but they were still not out of the woods.  Today they have announced that they are moving forward with plans to downsize there retail operation.

Clearwire hasn’t said whether they are shutting all of their 140 retail locations but there is also no time frame or number of stores in the announcement we are expecting more information when they report their quarterly results on February 17th.

Clearwire established some of their retail locations as far back as 2006 when they were selling pre-wimax modems to smaller metropolitan areas to offer an alternative to people still with AOL on dial up.  Cities like St.Cloud Minnesota, Greensboro NC, and Stockton CA were part of Clearwire’s initial footprint headed by former CEO Perry Saterlee.

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During their pre-wimax days Clearwire also had a large force of direct representatives that peddled Clearwire services door to door, cold calling and in front of supermarkets.  That portion of their business was shut down a few years ago as it was the most costly acquisition for the company.

Today 51% of Clearwire is owned by Sprint the Nations third largest carrier. Sprint has deployed their version of 4G as “Wimax” across the Clearwire/Sprint co-owned network.  Towards the end of last year Sprint was encouraging a deal with Clearwire and T-Mobile to share spectrum however that deal has yet to come to fruition.  Clearwire finished their 2010 rollout a few days early and has not formerly announced their rollout goals for 2011.

Source: Part of this story was sourced at Slashgear however some of the background came from Thedroidguys experience as a Direct Sales Leader with Clearwire and as should be sourced accordingly

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  1. Too bad. They have shown great promise, but their network just doesn’t have enough penetration.

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