Chop Chop Coming To Android

Gamerizon has announced that they are bringing their uber popular Chop Chop franchise of IOS games to Android. Continuing a big trend lately where some of the best IOS titles are pouring over to the Android revolution Gamerizon’s 6 chop chop games are on the way.

Chop Chop Caveman
Chop Chop Soccer
Chop Chop Hockey
Chop Chop Tennis
Chop Chop Runner
Chop Chop Ninja

The Chop Chop games are expected to be in the Android Market before the end of the 1st quarter.  Gamerizon, the Canadian based developer of the Chop Chop franchise, is excited about the future of Android’s in-app purchases. Gamerizon Alex Sakiz told pocketgamer not to worry about the in-app purchase fiasco in the recent smurfs game saying “There won’t be any $50 items that a kid might ‘accidentally’ buy,” he explains.

Source: Pocketgamer via Droid Gamers

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