Cee-Lo Green Loves Honeycomb and F-U To Everyone Else

If the headline bothers you than you aren’t aware of Cee-Lo Green’s huge hit entitled “F-U” as an editorial note about Cee-Lo Green, you will never find a nicer way to say F-U than Cee-Lo’s pretty decent pop hit…

At the Google Honeycomb preview event in Mountain View California today Android lead Hugo Barra showed off many of the cool functions of Android 3.0, Honeycomb. At one point in the presentation he went to do a demo of video chatting and was supposed to be talking to a video chat person code named “Lady Killer” for about 15 minutes they tried to get “Lady Killer” on the video chat. It wasn’t a malfunction in the software by anystretch but more of a timing issue.

In the meantime Barra video chatted, natively we might add, with his friend and colleague Annand who bantered back and forth and said he was indeed good with the ladies.

Later, more towards the end of the presentation Cee-Lo showed up via video chat (native we might say again) as “Lady Killer” for those of you who think you’ve heard the name before but can’t place it, Cee-Lo was a member of the Goodie Mob and also half of Gnarls Barkley before going solo. His solo debut album is on Elektra Records and was released in November with the hit song F-U on it (which really isn’t half as bad as the title)

We hope that you took away from this story not only the fact that Cee-Lo Green is an Android supporter as are; Far East Movement, Mike Posner, B.O.B etc, but that Video Chat is a native application in Honeycomb.

Source: Google

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