Calm and Collective or Fiery and Furious – CTIA showdown hosted by Jim Cramer

The world of mobile technology is filled not only with users, but enthusiasts. The latter of the two take owning a smartphone to a new level – modifying themes, changing kernels, unlocking bootloaders, changing roms, and porting over software from other devices to their own. Yeah – it’s a completely different ballgame since the Palm Treo days.

It’s for that very reason that no matter what you say about the man, Dan Mead, President and C.E.O of Verizon Wireless , one thing about him is certain: he has fully understood the magnitude of the change. So much has changed in the industry that it’s  become Mobile War One with Android and iOS laying within the trenches; iOS taking jabs at the difficulty of Android, and Android throwing punches calling iOS a closed, non customizable operating system. Now Verizon is keeping an eye out making sure both play nice because the nations most reliable network issued a ceasefire in February of 2011, releasing the Iphone and reaping less than expected benefits.

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Ralph de la Vega, President and C.E.O of AT&T Mobility, wasn’t sweating when AT&T lost it’s exclusivity to the Iphone; because they did so, but not without a backup plan. Not only do they attack Verizon about the lack of ability to talk while using data, but they released something of an Android phenom – the Atrix 4G. Looks like once again Android saves, and AT&T has plenty of ammunition, in the form of amazing smartphones , to fire off at consumers who even think about leaving the provider.

Philip Humm, President and C.E.O of T-Mobile,  is still playing the family friendly, teenager supportive happy role – re-releasing the sidekick and having inexpensive plans to keep you and your smartphone trucking, especially with the release of the MyTouch4G; one of the best Android smartphones to date. Though the phone is wonderful, don’t let the suffix fool you – when you’re on T-Mobile’s network, there’s nothing 4G about it – and those two corporations above know exactly what consumers mean when they say “no competition”.  T-Mobile isn’t providing goosebumps to anyone, anytime soon.

Dan Hesse, Chief Executive Officer of Sprint-Nextel has had his hand in many bags, lately. Being labeled by some as just the “other” CDMA network in America, they soon after started looking to other outlets to reclaim their relevance within the mobile world. First they bought nextel, the fad phone provider for teenagers,and then a few years later, another game changer happened –  they acquired the HTC Evo 4G. Not only was this phone a game changer for Sprint, but it set the foundation for many future Android smartphones to come. Sprint’s success with this phone was so widespread and recognized that they became overzealous and thought they could release anything, which is why they announced they Kyocera Echo in New York.

But we aren’t here to pick them apart, down talk or give advice. No, we leave that to Jim Cramer, host of the show “MAD Money” to do on March 21st, 2011 at CTIA Wireless 2011. His witty, book throwing, pen pushing, pencil snapping, articulate enunciated antics will more than likely make an appearance at the round-table, with the big 4 providers at his whim during the first keynote session. Don’t let his slightly outlandish behavior fool you, though: Jim is a seasoned stock exchange expert and money management genius. Not only that, but he is extremely educated in smartphones, hardware, and what goes into the production process and consumer reaction. No doubt that not even CTIA can be prepared for what this can turn into.

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