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Best Buy Grand Rapids Leaks Motorola Xoom & HTC Thunderbolt Release Dates

Earlier tonight we ran a story abou tthe HTC Thunderbolt showing up in the newest Best Buy ad.  Now Droid Life is reporting that Best Buy in Grand Rapids Michigan has put a list of upcoming release dates for new devices on their site.

Best Buy Grand Rapids’ Facebook page shows the release dates for the iPhone 4 (February 10), HTC Thunderbolt (Feb 14), and Motorola Xoom (February 24th).

We can’t tell you what this all really means.  A few weeks ago we had heard that Best Buy was upset with Verizon for not allowing them to release the iPhone 4 on release day although now it’s been confirmed that Best Buy will have the iPhone 4 for Verizon on February 10th.  We’ve also heard that the Thunderbolt will release at Verizon stores on February 24th.  It wouldn’t be likely for Best Buy to get a flagship device 10 whole days before Verizon corporate stores.

Yesterday Verizon’s official twitter account had said the HTC Thunderbolt may come sooner than expected so perhaps both Best Buy and Verizon stores will have the Thunderbolt on Valentines Day.

Source: Droid Life

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