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Barnes & Noble Holding Off Nook Color Sales To Lock It Down?

There has been a lot of great news about the Nook Color lately. The most recent is that a developer over at XDA has a preliminary build of Android 3.0, Honeycomb, running on the device.  Froyo has been on the Nook color for weeks and it has quickly become a favorite device among Android enthusiasts for it’s ease of gaining root access (which opens the door for modifications).

Well the Good E-Reader blog reported earlier in the day that Nook Colors were on back order all over the place.  CNet then went searching for a Nook Color only to find that Best Buy was backordered and Barnes and Noble said orders would be fulfilled in two weeks.

Barnes and Noble’s Nook Color retails for $249.99 and because it is based on Android it can do the things most Android devices can do. However, Barnes and Noble runs it’s own proprietary UI on top of the Android platform which makes it into their e-reader.  Because of this proprietary UI on top of the Android, the Nook Color, out of the box, is locked down to use only books purchased via Barnes and Noble. The fact that you have to get books from Barnes & Noble subsidizes the cost of an otherwise great Android tablet at an affordable price.

Almost instantaneously after the Nook Color went on sale, root access was gained and it wasn’t too much later that Froyo builds for the Nook Color were available. Now those with root access and Froyo running on the Nook Color have access to almost a full Android experience and can read whatever they want on it including books purchased from competitors like Kobo, Borders and Amazon.

Source: Good E-Reader

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