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AT&T Punches Verizon Back For “Can You Hear Me Now Ad” That Didn’t Take Long

Ok before we get into this post it’s alarming that our google notifications are still alerting us to sites posting the original Verizon “Can you hear me ad” iPhone story as late as 10 minutes ago.  If you can’t blog faster than ad agencies can crank out ads this may not be for you…
Now… We reported first thing Friday morning that Verizon had taken Paul Macarelli out of retirement for his role as the “Can you hear me now” guy for a new ad promoting the iPhone.  The ad naturally highlights Verizon’s superior network in major metropolitan areas. The ad highlights the iPhone 4’s beauty and intelligence (blah) and at the end the announcer says “But does your network, work” and Marcarelli replies “Yes I can hear you now”

Well AT&T didn’t take that sitting down they’ve now released this ad to youtube.  In this ad the man is in Los Angeles in a conference room (TC mafia that’s why he didnt use a computer) and his wife calls to remind him it’s their anniversary. Like any good man he lies and says he remembered and while she’s talking he actually uses Google on his iPhone 4 to find a “Fine dining” restaurant, all the while rushing out of the conference room and telling his honey he is on his way.  The announcer in this ad highlights the fact that AT&T is the only network where the iPhone can talk and surf at the same time.

Check it out here:

One thing we just caught and it may have been on purpose but maybe not. AT&T Corporate is based in Dallas Texas (AT&T Wireless is based in Atlanta) and the area code for Dallas shows up in the Verizon ad. So just so you can see that, here’s the Verizon ad again.

Based on all this we can’t wait to see what T-Mobile has up their sleeves. Maybe the T-Mobile girl will talk to AT&T and their wifi video chatter on the left and someone who can’t talk and surf on their right… hmmm

Source: CNN

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