App Review: adbWireless (Widget Version)

While searching for ways to use ADB (Android Debug Bridge**) wirelessly I found a couple applications that would do it… After trying them I’ve found that adbWireless (Widget Version) by MrSiir was the best one out there. Not only was it easy to set up. Simple as: install Application, go into app, grant it rootaccess then press connect. In command window enter: adb connect.  It really is that easy. You then have FULL adb command over phone to do what you want to it.  It uses your IP address to connect your computer to your phone. The version I was using, which also has a widget, is the one I suggest. As if you go into the app, enable it then exit you lose it. Thus if you put its Widget(1×1) on the home screen you can enable it via the desktop and then still use the phone.  As you can see in the video below as long as you have the Android SDK installed on your computer it isn’t hard to connect at all.

**ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It comes as a part of the standard Android SDK. Basically, it provides a terminal-based interface for interacting with your phone’s file system. Since Android platform is based on Linux, command-line is the only way to obtain and manipulate root access. It makes it so via your computer you are able to do things just as install/uninstall applications, run DDMS(Dalvik Debug Monitor Server) which allows you to see a log of what your phone is doing or take screen shots of it as well.

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