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The more technologically advanced we become; the more security becomes an issue. Whether it be necessary procedures or getting stripped down at the airport, security is becoming a big priority. This is when privacy becomes an issue. The more this happens the more we become immune to the idea that we still, as human beings and citizens of the US, deserve a little bit of privacy. Loky is here to help.

Loky for Android screenshot

Loky is an app that is all about privacy, and it does a good job at it. This application hides all of your private information like text messages, contacts, and files in a secret application. Loky keeps all of this information safe and secure by locking it with a 4 digit pin that you get to choose.

Loky has an awesome way of keeping your contacts private. There is an entirely separate contact list inside the app that leaves no other traces on your phone. You can add someone to Loky’s contacts and then all of their messaging and calls become completely hidden. The contact list is full-fledged, and you can add just about anything from phone numbers to email addresses.

Another thing this app does awesome is its messaging. Personally, this is the feature that I take advantage of the most. Any of the contacts that are in your Loky contact list have all of their messages hidden in the app as well. However, they don’t leave you in the dark because every time you get a message Loky will alert you by sending you a “dummy” message so that you know you should check your inbox. I like this feature, but I sort of wish they had different content from the same “from” sender. Getting the same SMS from the same “person” is a little suspicious. Other than that Loky has a great messaging system that stays private. Along with hiding all kinds of messages and contacts, Loky also hides files. Any files on your SD card or in your phones memory can be stored in Loky making it very easy to keep things that are of value hidden from others.

Loky for Android screenshot

Loky has tons of little features that make it awesome as well. You can set how soon you want the app to lock after you close it, that way you don’t have to enter it every 30 seconds when going back and forth. Loky also allows you to shake the app to close it. This feature is awesome because if you need to close the app very quickly you can just shake your phone and it instantly closes, keeping out spying eyes. Loky has many other great features that you can discover by downloading the app itself.

Loky is about $5 on the Android market for the full version, but the trial is free. For those of you who really want to keep people out of your stuff Loky is an awesome app to have. It functions very smoothly and has a pretty UI that’s fast and has a high resolution. Loky is definitely an app that wasn’t developed in a hurry, because there aren’t many bugs and it is pretty. One thing I hate about apps is being slow and ugly and Loky suffers from neither of those problems. It is an awesome app and is really worth the purchase. Support our developer community so we can keep getting great apps like Loky on Android. Thank you Loky, for giving us another great App of the Week.

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