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Angry Birds Developer And Finnish Neighbor To Nokia Says Nokia Is Beyond Saving

We haven’t decided yet whether Stephen Elop is turning Nokia around or accelerating it’s tailspin however in case you missed the other 8,439,324 stories, it was announced this morning (well late last night) that Nokia was forming a partnership with Microsoft and WP7 would be the OS of choice for Nokia phones going forward.

In this announcement today before Nokia’s investors, Elop announced a corporate restructuring and 1000 people in their Symbian unit walked out of work at their Finnish Headquarters.

We were looking for the story to tell and dive into and we found it.

Earlier in the day, after the news broke, twitter user @janole tweeted

“Nokia can only be saved if @roviomobile announces Angry Birds for WP7 Today!”

@roviomobile tweeted back:

“afraid there’s only so much we can do… Nokia probably beyond saving at this point.”

@janole replied suggesting that Rovio should buy Nokia to which they replied

yes, we need more space and the Nokia House is very nice.”

Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds is the biggest multi platform mobile game in the world. They recently released Angry Birds Seasons the Valentine’s Day edition and we are anxiously awaiting Angry Birds goes to Rio in conjunction with the 20th Century Fox animated film “Rio”.

Prior to Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile had produced and developed over 50 other titles, mostly for Nokia.

In a separate but we’re going to make it related announcement today Activision announced they are killing the Guitar Hero franchise.  Many speculate it’s because they couldn’t hold their horses between releases. An industry insider also told us today that part of the demise of Guitar Hero was that they got too focused on one artist and one niche.  By next month Rovio Mobile will have released 5 different versions of the game in under a year; Angry Birds Original, Seasons Halloween, Seasons Christmas, Seasons Valentines Day and Rio. We are hoping to hear they have new titles on the horizon at MWC next week in Barcelona however without something new in the pipeline when will you grow tired of the birds?

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