Androidify: A Present From Google To Us Android Geeks

Well there you have it folks, Google’s first non-productive app. It may not serve of any major value to our daily lives, but it sure makes us nerds smile J. At this point many of you are probably seeing your Twitter feed is a constant stream of little customized Android avatars, handiwork of Androidify.

Androidify is Google’s attempt of adding a little fun, and a little joy, to our everyday lives, by allowing us to create and manage our own little Android guy. You get do about anything you want to the little green guy. Short, fat, tall, skinny, small, big; you name it and you can do it to the physical form of your Android guy. The whole system is a nice touch and drag feature, making it pretty simple to use, heck, my Dad set his up in like 3 minutes.

On top of adjusting the form of the Android you can add clothes, hair, accessories, and you can even alter their skin color. Personally, I like to keep the Android green, but that is why we have Android in the first place: choices.

This app runs smooth and is fun to use. You can share through email, text messaging, and most social networks to let others see your creation. Hence, the endless Twitter pictures of little green dudes. I think it would be really cool if Google continued to support this app by adding things like clothes and other accessories and options. It would really give us a reason to keep coming back and updating our avatars, much like on Xbox Live. No you can’t get NOKIA shirts on MICROSOFT’S Xbox Live, because it’s USELESS AND NO ONE CARES. I really hope though, Google doesn’t try out their in-app purchasing system by making us purchase new items, but I can see it being an option. Google is always making us happy, and even though we would like to see a Google Music release or making custom manufacturer skins an option, this is always nice too. Hooray for the invasion of user-created Androids!