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Android Nearly Doubles IOS In Ad Impressions

Millennial media is the largest independent mobile ad network. They have just released their January 2011 numbers for mobile ad impressions and Android nearly doubled the ad impressions of IOS in January.

Android snagged 54 percent share of mobile impressions while IOS had 28 percent of last months ad impressions. RIM/Blackberry only had 14 percent of the share. Android saw an eight percent month over month increase for Google. Apple saw a 12 percent decrease over December.

Today at the Mobile World Congress Eric Schmidt’s keynote address opened with some exciting new numbers.  Android is at 350,000 activations per day, 170 devices, 27 OEM partners, 169 carriers in 69 countries and the Android market is over 150,000 apps strong.

Compare that to the current number of iPhones and the current number of iPads available and Apple fans may scream in justice however we are talking about the Android ecosystem and Android as an Operating System.  It’s been widely reported that Google makes no money off the sale or licensing of the Android platform however it does make money off mobile advertising. Conversely Google also makes money off Blackberry and IOS mobile searches.

Schmidt was asked about advertising during the Q&A portion of his keynote and he said that they hope to offer more creative TV like display ads to mobile devices that engage customers and have better ROI (return on investment)

Although the iPhone has come to Verizon we are still expecting Android to continue to outperform in ad impressions.

Source: millenial media

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