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Android Market Web Store Is Live

Since Android’s debut at retail there has been what we would call a mini-market site, highlighting some of the top games and apps per category. The problem is the original site lacked the functionality to sort and search through everything in the Android market.  Often times we rely on appbrain for the most up to date info on apps, screenshots and downloads.

At the Google event in Mountain View California, that all changed.

As predicted by sites like and others, with the presentation on Honeycom, Andy Rubin and team went over the new Android Market website and announced that effective today it’s live and ready to roll Right Here.

The new Android Market site allows you to search through the entire selection of apps on a desktop or other browser, and purchase whatever you’d like. Then it magically syncs those apps to the phone(s) on your Google account.  Google has even added a phone/device management portal which allows you to customize and delegate the phones tied into  your account.

check it out for yourself right here

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