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Android Market Brought Sirius XM To Android, Teleca Brings Android To Sirius XM

Late last year Android fans rejoiced as the Sirius XM app brought some of their favorites like Howard Stern, Spyder Harrison and Sirius Hits 1 to Android devices. Today it’s been announced that Teleca is bring Android to the next generation of Sirius XM devices.

This unique partnership between Teleca, a worldwide solution for embedded software solutions, and Sirius XM creates new possibilities for Sirius XM radios in cars, portables and at home. At CES Teleca demoed an Android application that allowed the user to control the in car Sirius radio by using an Android phone.

In speaking with Teleca’s CTO, Andrew Till, he tells us this new solution that Teleca has developed for Sirius XM will “Leverage the Android surface architecture and frameworks” and it will “enable Sirius XM to focus future investments on innovation rather than platform maintenance”

Sean Gibbons, Vice President of Product Marketing for Sirius XM added

” Teleca is working with us to develop a complete platform strategy for delivering our unique and compelling programming to consumers”

Teleca will be demonstrating their comprehensive line of solutions at Mobile World Congress next week.

Source: Teleca

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