Android Helps Drive Smartphones To Outsell PC’s

The master plan is coming together and now thanks to the trusted research firm IDC, you can see it in plain sight.  Everyone always hears that Android is free, and it is. Android doesn’t charge their OEM partners anything to license Android.  It’s also free in open-source, but we know our beloved Google wouldn’t do something without monetizing it in some way, and that’s where todays news comes in.

Why does Android have such a variety in hardware? Why is Android on sub $100 phones and high end phones that unsubsidized can cost near $700? Why is Android on tablets that cost $800? Easy to create more smartphones to deliver more ads. That’s the strategy folks and according to IDC it’s going just fine

IDC released a shocking number today that must have Steve Ballmer’s arm pits sweating like Niagra Falls.   92 million PC’s were sold last quarter, and wait for it… wait for it…

100.9 million smartphones were sold this quarter, that’s up 87% from the previous year.  You are telepathically getting the next sentence right?  Ok so here it is.

“Android continues to gain by leaps and bounds, helping to drive the smartphone market” said Ramon Llamas, IDC analyst. “It has become the cornerstone of multiple vendors’ smartphone strategies, and has quickly become a challenger to market leader Symbian.”

Source: The Examiner

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