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Android Community Mounts Up For Pong For Hope

Update at 2:00am on Sunday: Pong For Hope has crushed $4000 and in the morning there will be a huge announcement about a prize package that includes a brand new HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon when they get to their $6000 goal. Please donate and check it out by clicking here. To watch the stream hit the link at the bottom of the post

What is this Pong For Hope? Well Ray Walters, known as Pastor Ray Walters at his church, and his youth group  loved to do community work but got tired of doing the same old thing. Being a technology junkie and a youth pastor Ray needed to come up with something cool, and albeit somewhat educational, he took his youth group back to the 70’s 1972 to be exact…

Pong for hope is just what it says a pong-a-thon to raise money for the American Heart Association.  The event started at noon on Friday and goes until the money runs out.  When you go to you’ll see how much money  they need to play another hour. So far it’s been very impressive.

Walters has his whole Android Guys Thursday Night  For The Win (AGTNFTW) Crew on hand and the crew on hand to help including Aaron Kasten, Jake Southers, Matt Abdou, Thedudesandroid, Stacey Daisey, The Geek, Baldalbino and Pastor Ray!

They have  a special live schedule of streamly programs and two live pong feeds.  Here are the important links

Here is a link to the auction for a one of a kind pong for hope Android Beanie with all the money going to AHA Click Here

Here is a link to the main pong for hope site Click Here

And below is the feed for the show camera

Live TV : Ustream

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