Android App Let’s You Know When You’ve Been Facebook Dumped

You know the feeling when you hear about something on Facebook and you go to look at it but you can’t see it. You’ve been Facebook dumped or “unfriended” and you didn’t even know it.  Facebook dumping has been the root of on and offline arguments. How could you unfriend me and still be so and so’s friend on Facebook, you know the drill.

Well just days after the web based Facebook breakup notifier a similar app has come to the Android Market. The app called “Unfriend Watch” was created by Alex Guberman of Cupertino based Digi Q. It will prove useful to many and probably hurtful to many others. Now while you’re on the go you can be notified on your Android device when someone unfriends you on Facebook.

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Once linked up with your Facebook account unfriend watch will keep a watchful eye on your Facebook friends. If someone unfriends you it will send you a message in your notification bar.  You can customize what times it’s looking and what times it’s not. This will prevent 4am notifications that you were drunk unfriended on Facebook.

There is a lite version and a paid version of the app we’re not clear on the differences yet.  In addition to notifying you when someone unfriends you on Facebook, Unfriend watch will also post a message on you wall letting all of your friends know that you’ve installed Unfriend watch and you’ll know when they unfriend you.

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