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Alcatel Reveals One Touch 990 Android Flagship Device for 5 Lines And Over 25 Handsets

A name that’s known most in the wireless world for their networking products in the 4G/LTE space is Alcatel-Lucent. However just like Sony-Ericsson half of their company still produces hardware. There is no better scenario for a manufacturer to test the latest networks and speeds than to develop handsets in house.

Alcatel is showing off over 25 handsets as part of 5 different lines or “ranges” at MWC this week.  The lines are

“Get Apps” Higher end smartphones with app markets.
“Just Add Friends” Would be the equivalent to quick messaging phones
“Keep In Touch” which are social media intensive feature phones
“Simply You” is a wider range of phones mostly basic phones or as we sometimes call them “Dumb phones”

That 5th line is called “Speed it up” there are no devices in that line yet however the Alcatel reps on site at MWC were talking about extremely fast phones, fast downloads and fast web.  Being that we already said Alcatel is half of Alcatel Lucent which makes 4G equipment I think it’s a safe assumption that the “Speed it up” line is 4G/LTE Handsets.

The flagship for the entire portfolio this year for Alcatel is the Alcatel One Touch 990. The One Touch is an Android handset running Froyo over a 3.5″ screen with a 5 megapixel camera and a 600mhz CPU

The Alcatel One Touch 990 feels a lot like a T-Mobile MyTouch (OG) it also comes in a wide range of colors and will be under $200 there is no word on whether they are coming to the United States, however we know that Verizon likes to make deals with their network vendors so perhaps it’s going there.

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