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Accessory Spotlight: foneGear Fuse Power Slice Charging Station

Power is very important to most smartphone users. Most smartphone users use more than one rechargeable device daily such as a second smart phone, mp3 player or iPod, digital camera or flip style video camera. With all those devices and gadgets the desk, shelf, kitchen table, end table or other landing spot in your home or office can grow quite crowded with power cords.

As much as we travel, power and charging are very important. At one point I used to pack 2 power strips on every trip until I realized Ikea sold a double pack of power strips for $6 where the outlets were turned the correct way, you know the way where all the thin wall warts fit on the same strip.  Well we finally found a product that cuts down at least one of the power strips. That product is the Power Slice Charging Station by Fuse, part of foneGear.

There are a couple of similar products on the market that we haven’t tested yet but so far the Power Slice charging station seems pretty solid.

Out of the Box

When you open the box you get this circular disc shaped thing, and a power cord.  There are 3 open slice slots and an external USB 2.0 charging port on the side.

The beauty of a charging system like this is that you can order individual “power slices” that fit your needs.  The Power Slice Chargint Station holds 3 slices, and has the fourth USB charger slot.

There are a variety of slices available, an IOS slice for ipods, iPhones and iPod touches, a micro-usb slice that fits most Android and Blackberry models, a mini usb slice which handles older Android and Blackberry models like the G1, and a Samsung 20 pin connector for phones that charge using the Samsung charger.  There are others available too depending on your gadgets charging needs.

So if you do things the right way the Power Slice can charge 4 devices simultaneously.  Because of the unique cicular shape of the Power Slice Charging Station, 3 phones typically don’t get in the way of each other, even if you have a phone or two that needs to lay sideways on the charger.

One plug and 4 devices isn’t bad at all right?

We did notice after a night of charging the Power Slice seemed a little on the warm side, nothing to be alarmed about but it was still “warm”.

The Power Slice Charging Station has very little weight to it. For some this may be welcome especially the traveler, like us, however at the same time it felt a tad bit cheap.

The method for locking the slices in place seemed good.

The Power Slice Charging Station doesn’t come with a slice already with it to provide for good customization by the user and at $37.99 it may be worth it to add the $9.99 for the slice you need at first what you do have to consider is if $67.99-$79.99 is worth it to charge 4 devices. In most cases we’d say yes because of the convenience factor, but we travel 200 days a year.

We also noticed that our Motorola phones had no problem charging on the mini-usb slice.  As you may or may not know Motorola charging receptacles tend to be a little sensitive and sometimes aftermarket chargers won’t work with some Motorola phones, most notably the Droid 1.

Overall if you’re looking for a multi-charging solution the Fuse Power Slice Charging Station is definitely worth a look.

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