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XDA Leaks One Helluva Music Player, By Motorola!

We’re not sure if the actual original source of this new Motorola music player is the Droid Bionic, The Motorola Atrix or something else but whatever it is, its the MOST feature packed music player we’ve seen to date.

XDA member Phoezies, originally posted the player on Sunday however it looks like Motorola has already got their legal claws into Phoezies as Phoezies’ original message now says

Admin note: attachment deleted. Motorola has reported this as a violation of software copyright. Please refrain from reposting this piece of software. Thanks for your cooperation.

But let’s get onto the player (the great folks at XDA have posted another link to the apk)

The Motorola Music Player 1.0.179 seems to work on most Android devices. It can play and stream music from a variety of sources. Of course it plays music from stored files, but it also has an FM Radio (if your hardware permits), a shoutcast feature to listen to internet radio stations, and even Youtube music video search.

You can download the missing album art from your music collection by clicking on a missing songs graphic icon.

Tunewiki intergration will give you quick access to the lyrics of songs your listening too and see who else is listening to it.  Theres also Soundhound (Shazams biggest competitor) that will listen to a song, tell you what it is and either tag it or download it for you directly.

Sound amazing? Get your hands on it at XDA before Motorola makes them take it down again by clicking here

Source: XDA via Droidlife

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