XDA Brings Nook Color The Nookie

If you have a Nook Color you probably purchased it because for $249 and a little rooting and flashing you have a GREAT Android tablet.  The developers at XDA and other sites across the net have been working tirelessly on new Roms to flash onto the Nook Color. Today it was revealed via XDA that another great Froyo Rom is in development and a development build is ready, complete with instructions.

Cicada over at XDA writes “Nookie 0.5.9 is a development build for Froyo 2.2.1 for the Nook Color. This build is near-AOSP and contains almost no extra software not deemed required for the device to function normally. It is prerooted with SuperUser, busybox, and Softkeys v3.0.0 however, the eventual intention will be a build that other devs and users can easily fork and create their own custom builds, themes, roms, etc.:

Of course the build comes with the standard disclaimers and complete with instructions.  Follow the link to more on Nookie here

and the instructions here

XDA members want to make sure credit is given to the right people also here are some additional links for ya

original steps from samuelhalff…94&postcount=2
nookdevs steps for creating nookie froyo sdcard:…otable_SD_card
nookie froyo thread:
nookdevs nookie froyo tips:
wipe nc to stock: (download the images and run the commands from an adb shell.)

Source: Android Community

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