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Wowwee One, One of The Coolest Android Accessories At CES

The music playing in the video above is coming out of a Motorola Droid Pro via the acoustical awesomeness of Gel Audio’s Wowwee One speaker.

The Wowwee One speaker plugs into your Android smartphone via a 3.5mm cable.  From there you place it on a hard surface and it’s vibration technology gives the music from your phone a whole new world of lows. It uses a hybrid technology of a speaker delivering highs and mids and the Gel Audio driver that delivers the lows.

The Wowwee is rechargeable and can deliver 20 hours of performance off of one charge and can be charged via USB charger.

The Wowwee One was just selected as one of CNN’s five nuggets at a pre-ces event in Las Vegas.

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