Wow! Spam Text Message Blows Up Russian Suicide Bomber

Talk about the dangers of texting.

After the horrible bombings in Russia earlier this week at the Domodedovo airport in Moscow killing 39 people and injuring 178 more, Russian officials have released details on a botched suicide killing that was supposed to take place on New Years Eve.

The unknown female suicide bomber was preparing for a New Years Eve detonation at red square, however while waiting for the time to come that she was supposed to go out to the square, she received a “Happy New Year” text message that set her explosive belt off, killing just her.

The suicide bomber is considered a “Black Widow” which is a term used to describe women whose husbands were slain as being part of caucuses responsible for previous attacks.

Russian officials say that if this suicide attack were succesful it would have caused 100s of casualties in Red Square on New Years Eve.

Source: ZD Net

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