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Verizon Wireless And Samsung Announce 4G Galaxy Tab

As promised Tony Melone and the Verizon Wireless team announced a slew of new 4G/LTE enabled handsets, devices and a tablet.  The first 4G/LTE enabled tablet will actually be the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  It was assumed early on that the new Motorola Xoom would be the 4G enabled tablet however we found out yesterday that the Xoom will ship as a 3G enabled device and users will be able to upgrade to 4G/LTE speeds possibly via an expansion slot.

In addition to the speed of data browsing that will come with the 4G/LTE network, Samsung has upgraded the processor under the hood to a 1.2 Ghz Hummingbird A8 Cortex processor.

Verizon Wireless’ Chief Marketing Officer Mimi Walden said “The 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab takes full advantage of Android 2.2 to deliver a blazingly fast experience for customers,”

You will also be able to use the 4G/LTE enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab in more places as Verizon has announced the addition of 140 new 4G/LTE markets in addition to the 38 markets and 60 airports that went online with 4G/LTE in early December 2010.


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