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Veizon Wireless And Samsung Introduce The No Named 4G LTE Android Phone

Samsung Mobile and Verizon Wireless have teamed up to announce the Samsung SCH-I520 (well that’s what we reported earlier) however there is no snazzy name for this device yet.

Both Samsung and Verizon Wireless have the handset available to see and touch at CES happening in Las Vegas right now however the phone itself won’t be launched until later in the year. (Like after it gets the name)

Sadly, the unnamed phone will roll out with Android 2.2, despite the fact that Samsung has already released an Android phone with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Some of the other preliminary specs include a 1ghz processor, an HTML5 equipped web browser which gives faster downloads via the 4G/LTE network. It will also feature an 8mp camera on the back and 1.3mp camera on the front for fast video conferencing in 4G/LTE areas. Of course the Samsung phone will also come equipped with Swype which makes texting, and writing a lot easier. Mimi Walden, Verizon Wireless’ Chief Marketing Officer added “This powerful combination enables our customers to connect face to face with family and friends, while still enjoying premium multimedia and social networking features backed by the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network.”

The Samsung 4G LTE Android device will also features LTE specific applications.  There is no firm date on the release.


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