Urban Tool Brings Form, Function and Fashion To The Backpack

Austrian based Urban Tool came out to CES in full form this weekend showing off the latest in their line of very functional accesories.  Thedroidguy has been using their business holster since IFA in September. While at IFA an Urban Tool representative showed thedroidguy the business holster as a combatant to the “pick pocket” problem when traveling abroad.  Since then he has used it to carry 3 additional cell phones, keys, passport, license photos and more.  Thedroidguy and his Managing Editor also use the Urban Tool slot bar to carry additional gadgets.

The Urban Tool accesories are lightweight and stylish and stay away from the use of Velcro.  Most come with a minimum of three functional pockets.  Their new backpack is no different.

The Urban Tool Backpack sells for $129 Euro and is packed with features. It is made of a lightweight fabric with an ergonomic fit. Like many of their other fashion accesories, the Urban Tool backpacks fabric, hugs your gadget in place with pockets and pocket covers which work very well withotu using traditional fasterners.

The backpack features a padded laptop/netbook, holding area with a snug fitting slot the holds your laptop in and protects it from the other things in your backpack.  It also features a cellphone pocket on the strap of the backpack along with several other gadget protecting pockets inside and on the outside of the backpack. There is also a keyholder on the outer portion.

Source: TMFDG

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